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We will probably have an updated build in the next few which resolves the 'reconnect' on start-up issue.  I have narrowed it down to one of two things, so it shouldn't be long now.  Thanks to Killa for putting up another WolffloW server, I think that rocks.  There has also been some new art subbmitted by some members of FnR that I will be incorporating in the next build.  Thx. for all 'da help. (You know who you are ;-)


OK, I updated the gamex86.dll with some minor tweaks (most important was a dedicated server fix).  Thx. to Dan for harassing me on this.  The updated dll can be found Here: WFUpdate34b


Here ya go Die-Hards.  Go get it WolffloW 3.4 is out the door.  This is the first PUBLIC release in 14 months.  You will still be able to find a couple of dedicated Authorized servers (Thx Garcia and Truz).  This is the full package.  If you have questions or comments you can email me at:


Thx for waiting.  Michael Wolf.

"It is the little things".



Well, the time is growing close now...As soon as Garcia finishes the help file it will go final.  It is a large download (all inclusive), and I apologize for this in advance...but it is necessary to resolve some issues found during the debugging stages.  Bare with me...We tried to produce real quality and I hope this is a small price to pay for it.

Level of detail is now auto adjusting based on an average of all players connections.  It seems to be working quite well (if I say so myself).  "It is the little things".


It is officially up now at cap-n-yo-ass and FnR-Garcia's servers.  Go have fun and play nice.  Leave any comments in the forum.  Thx.  More to follow after I sleep.


I have posted a few new movies for the new WolffloW build.  Unfortunately, I had to remove a few features to minimize overflows in localized deathmatch battles.  To maximize your viewing pleasure, I highly recommend doing a save-as and viewing them local ;-)

Trailer 1  (5.6 MBs)            Trailer 2 (7 MBs)             Trailer 3 (6.9 MBs)

The Dedicated WolffloW Servers will probably start running the new build soon.  If you don't know what the mod is about go get on one of the servers and try it.

CNYA.cap-n-yo-ass.com     and


Wrapping up the help file and then we will be ready to publish.  I have uploaded some promo movies if anyone is interested.  Go here to get 'em [Trailer Movie].


Updated the Downloads section with the current pak files and bind help.

Pak files

There are three (3) pak files.  Pak5.pak has all of the models and custom sounds required to experience WolffloW.  Pak6.pak has the Intro (Arena) Music.  This is courtesy of Dave Mustaine and MegaDeth, who were quite generous to let me use mixes of these great tunes.  Pak7.pak has all of the Exit (Voting) Music.  This gets you hyped for the next map.

Help With Binds

Well Garcia[FnR], that salty old man (lol) has put together a quite extensive help section over at: http://stop.at/FnR so go check it out (Great Site!).  I will also be compiling a html help file with tips and tricks included for the people who would like to improve their game.  There is a readme file and a sample binds.cfg along with and autoexec file that you can download.  Just edit the binds.cfg file for your keys and put them in your Kingpin\WolffloW directory.



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