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January 10, 2003


Nothing new to report here, other than an update will come out as soon as we determine the cause of the client needing to type reconnect when entering a WolffloW server.


With some help from some friends, I am hoping to release Quest 4 Head by early spring.  More info on this mod will follow.


I am hoping to get this mod out in February.  It should be to beta testing by the time anyone actually reads this page.

September 21, 2002


Version 3.4 of WolffloW will be released.  It will include the full server/client package.  As soon as my work lets up I will get a status update on the other mods.


January 15, 2002


January 18th, 2002 will bring the servers up to speed.  January 28th, 2002 will bring the full package online and January 31, 2002 I will announce the next project.  v3.36xx

Hitmen (Retired back to Atrophy in February)

January 18th, 2002 it goes out for review (RI), if no comments come back, then January 21 the new dll and config files go out to the BC testing Grounds.  January 25, 2002 it will be available for download.  v1.8

November 3, 2001

Well Halloween is another 362 days away...so I will try for the next week or so, depending on how my real life goes.  I am swamped at work and my kid doesn't feel well so we will see.  I have 1 MAJOR bug to work out and then I will cut it loose.  No date is set.

Halloween - 10/31/01

Have you ever played WolffloW and thought...I wish I was better at this, it's hard.  Have you ever laid in bed at night and wondered how did that Son-of-a-Bitch Truz, hook-fly-shotty me in the head AND dual rocket me on re-spawn in one move?  Have you ever wondered why TnT_trash's  breasts look so nice?  Ever wish you could just practice.......................Cuming Halloween Nite...2001





Street Wars
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